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We are the lifting experts

For over 20 years NSL have been considered to be the leading provider of Training Services and Teaching Documents to the majority of International Oil Operators, Service Companies and Major Contractors worldwide.

We liaise with Government Health & Safety Departments internationally and produce user-friendly procedural documents, training aids and training courses to help companies comply with legislation, regulations and industry safety standards.

We regularly supply training to all of the high activity global oil regions. In addition to training and onsite coaching at clients’ facilities.

Safety Awareness Materials

We offer safety awareness materials and training packages to all industries, whether the operation is lifting a load on an oil rig installation; working at height on a power or telecommunication mast, a wind farm generator; or simply carrying building materials on a construction site, we can help you reduce the risks.

Our industrial safety awareness materials include:

  • Handbooks, Safety Films – DVDs & Safety Awareness Posters
  • All documents are offered in a variety of languages including
  • UK English, US English, Arabic, Urdu, Portuguese, Spanish, French & Russian.

Practical Safety Training

Our custom-built training centers are continuing to be a great success. Approvals have been renewed by various national and international training and award bodies such as API, the American Petroleum Institute and EMTA Awards Ltd (EAL). We continue to participate with industry work groups such as IADC, IMCA and API to raise standards and provide dedicated training courses and support materials to improve the skills of the Oil and Gas Industry workforce and hence improve safety overall.

The training we deliver is intense and we appreciate that all the delegates passing through our training center have a lot to absorb during their time with us. To help them remember what they have been taught, the majority of our courses are supported by our highly acclaimed training DVDs, pocket books, safety posters and eLearning programs which were specifically developed for the oil and gas industry.

Our training courses generally contain elements of legislation, federal regulations, society / institute standards, industry good practice and practical exercises but they can be easily customized or even recreated to suit our customers’ specific requirements.

The courses contain a substantial amount of practical training (with simulations and exercises in the purpose built all-weather facilities), which helps to “lock in” the knowledge being imparted. As these courses involve practical / hands-on training, there is a requirement for all delegates to wear the same protective clothing as they would in their normal place of work.

  • Rigging & Lifting : 3 Day
  • Rigging, Lifting & Slinging : 3 Day (API Certified) TPCP-0075
  • Banksman / Flagman / Rigger : 2 Day (API Certified) TPCP-0074
  • Combined Rigging & Banksman / Rigger : 4 Day (API Certified) TPCP-0161
  • Rigging & Lifting Refresher : 1 Day
  • Advanced Rigging & Lifting Level 3 | Technical Support : 3 Day
  • Spelter Socket Termination Using Two-Part Resin Compound : 1 Day
  • LOLER Presentation : 1 Day
  • Lifting Equipment Examiners : 2 Day
  • Subsea Rigging & Lifting : 5 Day
  • Lifting Operations Awareness : 1 Day
  • Lifting Operations Awareness : Train The Trainer : 2 Day
  • Loft Management and Equipment Examiner Course: 2 Day
  • Man-riding Winch Awareness: 1 Day
  • HASAWA, PUWER and LOLER: 1 Day
  • Banksman / Slinger : 2 Day
  • Combined Rigging & Lifting / Banksman Slinger : 4 Day
  • Lifting Operations Planning and Risk Assessment: 1 Day
  • Manual Handling Awareness : 1 Day
  • Manual Handling Assessor : 2 Day
  • Manual Handling Train The Trainer : 3 Day
  • Lifting Equipment Inspector : Module 1 : General Lifting Equipment : 5 Day
  • LEI : Module 2 : Winches & Powered Hoists : 2 Day
  • LEI : Module 3 : Pedestal & Mobile Cranes : 3 Day
  • LEI : Module 4 : Overhead Travelling Cranes, Runway Beams & Swing Jibs : 2 Day
  • LEI : Module 5 : Forklift Trucks & Stackers : 1 Day
  • LEI : Module 6 : Containers, Baskets & Other Cargo Carrying Units : 2 Day
  • Confined Spaces and Vessel Entry : Awareness : 1 Day
  • Overhead Travelling Crane Operations : 1 or 2 Day Train the Traine
  • Safe Packing & Handling of Cargo to & from Offshore Locations : 1 Day Practical
  • Abrasive Wheels Awareness : 1 Day
  • Abrasive Wheels Awareness: Train The Trainer : 2 Day
  • Work At Height : Awareness : 1 Day
  • Work At Height & Rescue : 2 Day
  • Work At Height & Rescue : Refresher : 1 Day

Achieving Competence with NSL

In September 2002 NSL, in association with the UK Government award body EMTA Awards Ltd. (EAL), created competence programmes designed specifically for personnel required to carry out lifting operations and those required to certify and inspect lifting equipment.

Both our programmes begin with a training course where delegates receive a certificate of training upon successful completion.

Delegates then have the option to proceed with the compilation of a competence portfolio. The portfolio is used to record their activities and experience in the workplace, and is used as evidence of their competence (tasks recorded must be witnessed and when completed should be submitted for assessment and verification by NSL and EAL). Once satisfactorily completed, EAL issue the delegate with a certificate.

The certificate is valid for two years, after which time the delegate should be re-assessed to confirm competence is being maintained and / or to progress to the next level.
NSL currently offer competence programmes in the following subjects and levels:

Rigging & Lifting Level 1 Aimed at Technicians, Banksman / Slingers and Load Handlers who are required to perform Routine and Simple lifts but may also participate in Complicated and Complex lifts under supervision.

Rigging & Lifting Level 2 Aimed at Riggers and Deck Foremen who are required to perform Routine, Simple, Complicated and Complex lifting operations, it is also aimed at those responsible for the planning and safe execution of lifting operations.

Advanced Rigging & Lifting Level 3 | Technical Support Aimed at Deck Foremen and Lifting Supervisors involved in decommissioning, subsea and complex lifting operations

Mechanical Handling Services

Our highly trained and experienced team are ready to work with you onsite, wherever you are; Specialised Rigging Projects:

  • Independent Technical Reviews & Appraisal
  • Engineering Design & Rigging Supervision Services
  • Provision of Management Facilities & Services
  • The Site Competent Person / Technical Authority

Safe Operating Procedure

Policies and procedures are essential documents, which enable lifting operations to be carried out safely and consistently. Policies set a company’s philosophies and boundaries, whereas procedures detail the series of steps that are needed to accomplish specific tasks. Together, they provide a framework in which decisions can be made.

For a company that operates on a small scale, they are relatively easy to produce. However, if you are a company that operates internationally, the development of these documents can take a great deal of time and effort, and can be very expensive to produce and implement.

It may seem like quite a complex task to complete at first but if started, communicated, produced and implemented correctly, then costs can be kept to a minimum, development made easy and implementation straightforward.

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