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3D Modelling & Animation

Our Aberdeen based team of 3D Modelling & Animation specialists can produce stunning animations to show safe and unsafe practices. These can be used for induction, or shown on screens in waiting areas, changing rooms and receptions.

They can be displayed on websites or distributed on DVD as part of safety campaigns. You can rest assured that with NSL’s technical experts on hand, the content will be as accurate and relevant as our other international safety training materials.

The main advantage of using this technology is that videos showing accidents and incidents can be created without the need to film in dangerous locations, and without the need to put anyone at any risk whatsoever. Our characters are ready and waiting to be dropped, squashed or whacked and still come back for more!

For situations of a serious nature, we can also use more realistic characters, or create bespoke characters to suit your requirements.

All characters can be dressed in company specific outfits with relevant logos, work equipment and PPE.


How do we proceed?

NSL require a step-by-step description of the situation or incident that you wish to animate, giving as much detail as possible and including photographs and plans where possible.

NSL’s technical department are fully involved in the process, advising and ensuring the accuracy of environments, working practices, equipment used, etc. They liase with our in-house graphics & media team to create a storyboard showing and describing key points in the animation. This is reviewed and approved by the client before the final animation is created.

The final version is then be rendered scene by scene, before being edited, with sound effects and music added.


How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the complexity of any models that need to be built for the animation.

For more information and a guide to pricing, please contact:
Niel Ritchie (UK) or Suzanne Munro (US).

Great Training Video

Creating 3D Animated training videos is now a very cost effective and convenient option. Our team of 3D Animators working alongside our in-house Technical Authors can produce dynamic videos to use as a training aids.

An Induction Process

Like training videos, 3D animations are an excellent media to bring real life working environments to life. These are especially useful if the viewer has limited, or no experience in the environment.

Accident Reconstruction

Using 3D animations to reconstruct real accidents & incidents in the workplace can help you to understand what really happened, make sure it doesn't happen again, and demonstrate to others the risks involved in any given situation.

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