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Get the Offshore Experience

We use 3D technology in combination with other software to create an interactive game that gives users an introduction to working in an offshore work environment.

The game starts with an introduction explaining the origins of oil and gas, how it is discovered, recovered, processed and delivered. Users then travel to the virtual oil platform. Along they way they must complete a series of tasks before they are allowed to progress.

After arriving at the platform, there is a safety induction, where they are introduced to alarms and muster points and instructed in what to do should an emergency situation develop.

Users then enter the Control Room and are presented with a variety of typical maintenance tasks to be performed around the platform. These must first be planned and risk assessed before being attempted. Prior to entering the work area, the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be selected.

The tasks are performed by looking around the area to identify and use items in the correct order. The completed task is then signed off and the student then returns to the Control Room for the next task.
It is hoped that by playing ‘Offshore – An Introduction to Safe Working’, novices will benefit from an enjoyable and valuable insight into the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, while also helping to improve safety awareness within the industry.

Price Structure

The interactive 3D induction is supplied on disc to be installed on 1 PC for a time limited period. The Induction can be used as many times as required thoughout the purchased access period.

Access Time £ GBP $ US Dollars
1 month £400 $650
3 months £800 $1300
6 months £1200 $1950
12 months £1600 $2600
  • Price includes customization with company logo.
  • No additional software required.